be a leader

Thinking of becoming a leader in todays scouting movement at Chermside Burul Scouts


Call the Chermside Burul Group leader on mobile 0413083264

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Why should I become a leader?

Leaders are crucial to the success of the Scouting Movement.  As a Leader you will have access to a wide variety of resources, an opportunity to give back to the community, and the experience to educate Youth Members in the values and skills most important for being a good citizen. As a Leader you will achieve satisfaction from helping Youth Members set and achieve their own goals, while being there to help them when they fail and encourage them to continue. However, you will find that your proudest achievement will be building a strong bond of trust and friendship with the Youth Members.

What Can I Do as an Adult Leader?

As a Scouting Sectional Leader you’ll be responsible for altering your Sections Development Program to suit the  particular needs of your group. You’ll be able to turn your ideas that evolve from your brainstorming sessions with other Leaders into reality and spend an exciting day trying them out in person before approving them. We encourage our Leaders to explore their creativity and work together while developing their programs and leading their youth. As a  Leader you can gain formal leadership qualifications, develop programs, work with likeminded individuals, and teach young people life lessons through offering them the experiences of a lifetime.